Cosy Temes Ceramics

Hi, I am Svetlana, a ceramicist who fell in love with porcelain. 


I fell in love with ceramics back in 2014. I saw a pair of plant pots on a TV show which I really liked but wasn’t able to buy anywhere. I then decided to make my own. How hard can it be, right?!  But how do you go about it?


That’s why I decided to enroll in a pottery course in Essex in the UK where I used to live. From the very first day at college, I was completely hooked. Not only did I learn all vessel building techniques, but I also was finally able to create my dream plant pots from the TV show.

During my college time, I set up my very own backyard studio and bought a brand new wheel, an old kiln as well as many brush-on glazes and clay. My design studies at the University of the Arts in London and private tutoring from the Cornwall-based porcelain artist Michel Francois further helped me to improve my design and throwing skills. Michel also introduced me to porcelain – a material that I learned to love and have used ever since.


In 2020, I left England and moved to Kerteminde, a picturesque small town in Denmark. I set up a new studio in my garden and started spending more time here.

Every single one of my ceramics pieces is exclusively designed, hand thrown on the wheel, turned, glazed and fired by me in my studio. All items are unique and made from porcelain, while the glazes used are inspired by the sea and the constantly changing colours of the seaside, including the various rock and sand hues, the sky’s different shades and its reflection in the ocean that creates the most gorgeous greens and blues.

Most of my work can be found on Instagram as well as in the art shop 'Contemporary Art Kerteminde'.

In the art shop ‘Contemporary Art Kerteminde’ which is part of ‘Cosy Times Ceramics’, there are ongoing exhibitions. In the summer / autumn of 2023, colorful abstract paintings by the Danish painters Preben Beck and Martin Boldsen are being exhibited.