Cosy Temes Ceramics

Contemporary Art Kerteminde

The art shop ‘Contemporary Art Kerteminde’ is part of ‘Cosy Times Ceramics’. In the summer / autumn  2022 there are ongoing exhibitions, colourful abstract paintings by the danish painters Preben Beck and Ulrik Dal. 

Preben Beck

Preben Beck (trained artisan from the School of Art and Design in Copenhagen) makes abstract and figurative images, painted in happy dynamic colours. There are almost always figures or landscapes hidden in the pictures, so if you look at them long enough you will find small quirks in them. The entire color palette is in use and by using many contrasting colors, the depth in the images is created so that the colors play to and against each other. The inspiration is taken from nature and from experiences in everyday life and the pictures never have a title. Preben almost always paints for music, especially classical rock.

Ulrik Dal

The Danish artist Ulrik Dal (born 1973, Fyn) creates colorful works inspired by everyday life, experiences and people he meets. His various paintings and sculptures push the boundaries of the medium shown, for example, in his recent experiments with porcelain painting, and a previous exhibition at Audi in Odense where he presented a hand-painted car. Dal takes pride in working with recycled materials, and therefore each art is unique. He wants his work to inspire a sense of shared joy and individual reflection.